Thursday, July 17, 2008


GRADSA (Green River Area Down Syndrome Association) is the support group that serves the Owensboro, KY area, which is where we were living when Abbey was born. This organization was a big part of helping us learn so much about Down syndrome and supported us through that first tough year of medical issues, etc.

We still receive their newsletter Heart Strings and enjoy keeping up with the families and activities. I love reading the newsletter and always read every article carefully but the most recent one had two articles that touched me. One was about two friends who were both told during pregnancy that something was wrong with their babies. When the babies were born they both had Down syndrome. Read Friends Share a Common Bond. Amazing and beautiful...God works in mysterious ways. The other article was about a sibling of a boy with Down syndrome. It touched me to read how her life was affected by her brother. Read Sibling Relationships. It makes me think about my boys and wonder what their relationships will be like with Abbey. How will having her in their lives shape them?

Thank you to GRADSA for the awesome stuff they do for the Down syndrome community. And thanks to God who uses those with Down syndrome to enrich our lives in more ways than we even know.


Anonymous said...

Great and very informative articles.I learn so much from reading them. Kim, thanks so much for putting these on the blog. Keep them coming when you can.

Anonymous said...

Kim and Steve,
I am so glad you enjoy the newsletter. Those articles were very doubt about divine intervention! I also enjoy reading the blog and keeping up with your family.
Take care,
Cindy Huston