Friday, November 9, 2007

Open, Close, In, Out.

Most of Abbey's playing consist of opening and closing things or putting things in or taking things out of something. At times this is difficult becasue she likes to put things down the air vents in the floor, like my father's keys which we spent 30 minutes looking for. That's a completely different story. Our new house is old and has big vents which have become a favorite place for Abbey to put things. I guess I'm going to put chiken wire over them so she can't do this. She also like to put things down her shirt or her pants and when Kim was changing her diaper this morning Abbey had put a Mr. Potato Head mustache down her pajamas before going to bed last night. How uncomfortable that must have been.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Never enough locks!

When we moved into our new house we had to buy a new refrigerator because the previous owners took theirs with them. We were OK with this because we really wanted one with a lock on the water dispenser. Abbey had a habit of going over and getting her own water (which is a nice way of putting it). It was always at the worst of times and usually caused much frustration.
This morning while she was playing in the kitchen she finally noticed the water dispenser and made a mad dash for it and I just sat, watched, and smiled because I knew we had a lock on it. This new little feature has already paid off.


This morning as I prepared breakfast for myself and Abbey, I expected it to go as usual. I had to remove her from the tempting empty cabinet in the dining room, she needed to be told 3 times to climb up into her booster chair, and I had to get her off the dining room table before she literally "hung from the chandelier". So after all of that activity the two of us sat down to eat our waffles. It was quiet in the house at 6:00am, but it was not quiet in my head. I was already frustrated by that time of the day. Which as I said at the start of this entry, is the usual. I often think, why can't she just get it!?!

Well, today Abbey decided to remind me that she is special. So I was annoyed with her as I was cutting up her waffle. I gave her a bite, reached for my fork and started cutting off a piece for myself when she touched my arm with two little pats. I looked up and she motioned the sign for "Thank you". My heart melted. All of that frustration went away...she does get it. She gets what really matters...

So later when I had picked up her cup for the third time from the floor, had to remove her from the cabinet again right after breakfast, and she had climbed up on the table and ate from her brother's plate, I wasn't annoyed with her. I remembered her gesture and reminded myself she's got a beautiful soul, she requires different attention and a lot of patience.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Pictures

I have uploaded pictures on the sidebar.

Friday, November 2, 2007

We're here

We have arrived in MI! We're getting more settled every day. The trip was really good. My expectations were so exceeded. Abbey and Alex couldn't have been better in the car for the 20 or so hours we were on the road over the two days. And we only used the DVD player for the last 2 1/2 hours. (My mom had Andrew which was a huge help! THANKS!). And now we've almost got all the boxes unpacked because Turk's mom is here helping watch the kids. THANKS!

We managed to get to Abbey's Halloween Parade at school this week. How cute! And we even took the kids trick-or-treating.

I started work today and I can't begin to tell you how great my 4 minute commute is. The time I have spent at home with my family today is already noticeably more than before when my commute was almost an hour each way. And I am looking forward to getting home for lunch sometimes and being able to go to Abbey's school for things.

All in all, the family seems to have adjusted pretty well. Thanks to everyone for their support during the move.

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!